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Grow with RubyHome

93% of home buyers search online, in fact it’s the first step most of them take. Agents who want to compete in today’s real estate market need to be in front of clients and develop relationships with them well before their competition.

That’s where RubyHome comes in. Our leadership team has over two decades of hands-on experience building high-growth tech startups. We're putting our online marketing experience to good use in the Southern California real estate market.

The result? The RubyHome website gets hundreds of thousands of organic visitors and inbound leads daily that are distributed to each of our agents. We don't buy leads and chase them. Rather, we attract clients to our website and they raise their hands when they are ready for help.

In a traditional brokerage, a small percentage of agents account for the majority of production. That's not case with us. We generate inbound traffic and leads to keep all our agents busy so that everyone is doing deals. Our agents say they would never go back to the old way of doing things.

A Culture of Collaboration

The close-knit group of agents at RubyHome love to engage with one another. We share best practices, role play, and have an open attitude toward trying new things in order to improve our individual and collective performance. Questions and ideas flow freely here. There is genuine desire to help each other succeed.

Robust Systems and Technology

We offer agents more than just qualified leads and a great culture. Agents need backend tools and support so that they can spend more time in the field with clients. RubyHome provides all the cutting edge systems and automation you’ll need so that your time is spent productively.

In addition to a robust website, RubyHome as world-class technology and a powerful CRM. Our tools make it easy to manage leads and clients from start to finish.

What's in it for You?

We are growing. Big time. We're looking for tech-savvy, driven agents to help serve our growing lead pool. Is that you? Here are just a few things you’ll get:

  • Strong and supportive culture
  • Collaborative group of skilled, knowledgeable agents
  • Steady flow of high-quality inbound leads from our website
  • World-class CRM with automated follow-up system
  • Drip email and text campaigns
  • All backend productivity tools
  • Powerful HD aerial drone footage for your listings
  • Professional HDR photos for your listings
  • Brand yourself on the top website in the city
  • E&O insurance covered
  • No office fees
  • No monthly fees

Our Requirements

  • Full-time, active agents
  • Meet with clients across Los Angeles County
  • A proven track record of closing
  • Positive customer reviews from past clients is essential
  • Driven self-starter who wants to grow their business


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