Redfin Company Stats: Revenue & Competitors (2024)


Redfin is a leading full-service real estate brokerage.

Founded in 2004 in Seattle, Washington, the company reaches 49.5 million monthly average users across its mobile apps and websites, primarily in the U.S. and Canada.

Redfin became a publicly traded company on July 28, 2017.

Redfin generated $977 million in revenue in 2023, a 5x increase from the $187 million generated in 2015.

From users to company financials, here's a summary of what you'll find on this page:

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Key Redfin Statistics

  • Redfin reaches 49.5 million consumers across its web properties and mobile apps.

Redfin reaches 49.5M consumers per month

  • Redfin helped customers buy or sell more than 61,000 homes in 2023.
  • Redfin generated $977 million in revenue in 2023 but is not currently profitable.
  • The company lost $131 million in 2023.
  • Redfin grew revenue from $125 million in 2014 to $977 million in 2023, an increase of 782%.
  • Redfin captured a 0.76% market share of U.S. real estate transactions in 2023, a 1.8x increase from 2017.
  • In 2023 Redfin generated 63% of its revenue from real estate services helping buyers and sellers buy and sell homes. The gross profit margin of real estate services was 25.2%.
  • Redfin has 4,693 employees (2023).

How Many People Visit Redfin?

The amount of traffic Redfin gets to its mobile applications and website is an important leading indicator of business activity because this is how Redfin acquires new customers. It's important to note that the homebuying process takes time and that not all traffic will convert to revenue-generating customers immediately (if at all).

The company's flagship website,, ranks 4th among real estate websites in the United States attracting 10.2 million average visitors per month (about 1/6 the traffic Zillow receives).

The company defines monthly average visitors as a combination of unique visitors to all its websites and apps, including Redfin, RentPath, Bay Equity Home Loans, Walk Score, Redfin App, and RentPath app. In 2023, Redfin's aggregate reach was 49.5 million monthly active visitors, slightly shy of the 49.7 million in 2022, but still a 4.25x increase from 2015. Here is the growth trajectory of Redfin's aggregate reach:

Redfin Monthly Visitors

Here is a breakdown of Redfin's monthly visitor growth since 2015.

YearMonthly Visitors (Web + App)
2015 11.70 million
2016 16.21 million
2017 22.62 million
2018 27.26 million
2019 33.47 million
2020 42.86 million
2021 47.11 million
2022 49.65 million
2023 49.47 million

Key Redfin Financials

Redfin generates revenue from several business segments: Real Estate Services revenue (helping consumers buy and sell), Rentals revenue (subscription based services for internet listings), Mortgage revenue (fees and interest from loans), and “Other" revenue (title services and data services).

While the company earned $977 million in revenue in 2023, it also experienced a net loss of $131 million. Here's how Redfin has fared in recent years:

Redfin profit and loss

Redfin Revenue By Category

The Real Estate Services segment accounted for 63.3% of the company's revenue in 2023, followed by Rentals with 18.9%.

Here we can see a visual breakdown of Redfin’s revenue generation by segment:

Redfin Revenue by Business Segment

And here is the table showing the share of revenue earned by Redfin's business units:

Redfin Business SegmentShare of Total Revenue
Real Estate Services 63.34%
Rentals 18.92%
Mortgages 13.73%
Other 4.01%

Redfin Market Share

Redfin steadily increased its market share of residential real estate transactions in the United States from 0.42% in 2017 to 0.80% in 2022. The company saw a slight decrease in market share in 2023, falling back to 0.76% of total residential real estate transactions.

Redfin Market Share

Here is a table of Redfin's market share as a percentage of the U.S. market.

YearUS Market Share by Transactions
2017 0.42%
2018 0.51%
2019 0.61%
2020 0.67%
2021 0.77%
2022 0.80%
2023 0.76%

Redfin Regional Market Share

Redfin’s top-10 regional markets for real estate services are the metropolitan areas of (alphabetically):

In 2023, 55% of Redfin’s revenue came from their top 10 markets. The company stated that they are trying to reduce its over-reliance on these markets and achieve wider distribution. In 2015, 76% of their revenue came from their top 10 markets. By 2021, Redfin decreased its revenue from these markets by 21%.

Redfin Revenue Share in Top 10 Markets

Here is a table of revenue from the top-10 Redfin markets as a percentage of real estate services revenue.

YearPercentage From Top 10 Markets
2017 69%
2018 67%
2019 63%
2020 63%
2021 62%
2022 58%
2021 55%

Redfin Competitors

Redfin ranks as the 4th-largest publicly traded residential real estate company in the U.S. by revenue in 2022.

Redfin's Competitors by Revenue

And here's the data for top U.S. brokerage sales volume.

Anywhere $6,908,000,000
Compass $6,020,000,000
eXp Realty $4,600,000,000
Redfin $2,284,442,000
HomeServices of America $1,500,000,000
Douglas Elliman $1,150,000,000

How Many People Work at Redfin?

Redfin Employees

Redfin serves more than 100 markets across the U.S. & Canada and employs over 4,000 people. In 2022 the company had 4,693 employees, a decrease of roughly 28% from its peark in 2021. Since 2017, Redfin’s workforce has grown by 1.9x despite cutbacks in recent years.

Redfin Employee Headcount

Here is a table showing how many people work for Redfin.

YearNumber of Redfin Employees
2017 2,422
2018 2,993
2017 3,377
2018 2,993
2019 3,377
2020 4,185
2021 6,485
2022 5,572
2023 4,693

Redfin Agents

Redfin works with two kinds of real estate agents.

Lead agents are full-time employees who earn W2 wages and benefits. The company calculates lead agent headcount by taking the number of lead agents at the end of each month and then averaging that number over the year. The company has seen growth in its lead agents, from 1,023 in 2017 to 1,776 in 2023. Redfin is big player in the U.S. market and brings in quite a lot of revenue for such a small number of in-house agents compared to the massive number of Realtors in the U.S. (1,566,354).

Partner agents are contractors at other brokerages who receive leads from the company and share in the proceeds of commissions earned (similar to Zillow's Flex program). Redfin develops these relationships to fill high demand or overcome geographic limitations. The number of partner agents has also increased from 3,200 in 2017 to 5,790 in 2023, but is down from it's peak of 10,700 in 2021.

In the chart below, you can see that growth in the number of partner agents has outpaced the growth of lead agents.

Redfin Agent Headcount

Here is the headcount for lead agents since 2017.

YearAvg. Number of Lead Agents
2017 1,023
2018 1,390
2019 1,503
2020 1,757
2021 2,396
2022 2,426
2023 1,776

And the headcount for partner agents since 2017.

YearNumber of Partner Agents
2017 3,200
2018 3,000
2019 3,600
2020 6,800
2021 10,700
2022 8,700
2023 5,790

Interesting fact: Redfin agents earned a median income of $112,200 in 2020, more than double the median of $49,700 for traditional agents.


That’s it for my 2024 roundup of Redfin.

The company experienced rapid growth up until 2022. However, 2023 saw Redfin's revenue and manpower take a slight dip in the other direction.

Despite not reaching profitability, the real estate brokerage is the 4th most visited real estate website and 5th largest broker by revenue in the U.S., and there's no doubt that Redfin is a major player in residential real estate.

Time will tell if Redfin can become profitable and if its revenue will continue to increase when macroeconomic trends in real estate become more favorable again.




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