Number of Realtors in the United States (2023)

How Many Realtors Are There?

There are 1,566,354 Realtors (members of the National Association of Realtors) in the United States among an estimated 2,000,000 real estate agents (licensed, but not members of the National Association of Realtors).

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Key Real Estate Agent Figures

  • There are 1,566,354 Realtors in the United States.

There are 1,566,354 Realtors in the United States

  • There are 106,548 real estate brokerages in the United States, or 14.7 Realtors for every brokerage.
  • Among the states, Florida has the most Realtors and Vermont the fewest.
  • Among cities, the Miami Metropolitan Area has the highest concentration of real estate sales agents.

How Many Realtors Are There in Each State?

  • The states with the most Realtors are Florida (222.293), California (202,852), and Texas (152,222).
  • Vermont is the state has the fewest (1,826).
  • The Virgin Islands (389) has the fewest of the U.S. Territories.

Here is table showing the number of Realtors by state:

State/TerritoryNumber of Realtors
Alabama 18,405
Alaska 1,970
Arizona 53,437
Arkansas 11,058
California 202,852
Colorado 28,925
Connecticut 18,838
Delaware 4,373
Dist. Of Columbia 2,867
Florida 222,293
Georgia 47,981
Guam 580
Hawaii 10,327
Idaho 11,965
Illinois 50,968
Indiana 20,718
Iowa 8,163
Kansas 10,519
Kentucky 13,142
Louisiana 16,640
Maine 5,832
Maryland 27,976
Massachusetts 25,622
Michigan 36,109
Minnesota 22,362
Mississippi 7,608
Missouri 25,966
Montana 5,718
Nebraska 5,513
Nevada 19,766
New Hampshire 6,673
New Jersey 59,685
New Mexico 7,571
New York 63,366
North Carolina 54,108
North Dakota 2,151
Ohio 36,949
Oklahoma 14,013
Oregon 18,189
Pennsylvania 38,513
Puerto Rico 1,043
Rhode Island 5,560
South Carolina 25,639
South Dakota 2,294
Tennessee 35,469
Texas 152,222
Utah 19,881
Vermont 1,826
Virgin Islands 389
Virginia 36,971
Washington 22,164
West Virginia 3,410
Wisconsin 17,098
Wyoming 2,677
Total 1,566,354

Is the Number of Realtors Growing or Declining?

  • The National Association of REALTORS® was founded as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges on May 12, 1908 in Chicago.
  • There were 120 founding members, and 1,646 members by year's end.
  • In NAR’s early years, membership growth was steady, but it really took off between 1974 and 1975 when the ranks swelled by 301,123 from 134,362 to 435,485, a 224% increase.

The number of Realtors in the United States ebbs and flows with economic cycles. During good times, when Americans are feeling flush and in a home-buying mood, the number of agents increases to meet the demand and opportunity.

When the economy cools, two things happen.

First, existing Realtors tend to leave the business and let their licenses expire. In most states, licenses are good for four years. As time passes during the slow times, there's an eventual "clearing of the deadwood from the forest."

Second, during recessions, fewer would-be agents are willing to take the mandatory preparatory coursework and exams when the prospects of making a living selling homes appears difficult.

The chart below shows the growth and decline of the number of Realtors in the United States along with each recession since 1980. The grey bars show the years the U.S. economy was in recession to help illustrate the connection between the number of agents and the health of the economy.

Number of Realtors 1980-2023

Which Cities Have the Most Employed Sales Agents?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports employment levels by metropolitan area. So, the data we can look at is not the absolute number of agents, but the number of agents currently employed.

Also, BLS calculates their ranks among all employed people, providing a comparison of their concentration or representation with the workforce.

Here a table of the metros with the highest employment level of real estate sales agents and the number of employed agents per 1,000 jobs:

Metropolitan AreaEmploymentEmployment/1000 Jobs
Miami-Ft Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, FL 11,070 4.22
Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, TX 9,350 3.06
Dallas-Ft Worth-Arlington, TX 9,290 2.44
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA 7,250 2.66
Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, AZ 7,200 3.24
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA 6,040 0.66
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA 5,720 0.94
Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL 5,080 3.91
Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO 3,920 2.53
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL 3,840 2.81

  • Among the metros with the highest level of employed sales agents, the Miami area has the highest concentration in the workforce with 4.22 sales agents per 1,000 jobs.
  • The New York Metro Area’s population is quite large, so even with 6,040 employed sales agents, their concentration is the lowest with 0.66 agents per 1,000 jobs.


In 2023, the U.S. boasts 1,566,354 Realtors, members of the National Association of Realtors, out of approximately 2 million real estate agents. Florida, California, and Texas lead in Realtor numbers, while Vermont and the Virgin Islands have the least.

The National Association of REALTORS® was established in 1908, and its membership has since fluctuated with economic cycles. During prosperous times, agent numbers rise, but during downturns, many leave the profession.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals the Miami Metropolitan Area has the highest concentration of employed real estate agents, whereas New York Metro Area has a lower concentration despite its vast population.


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