Metaverse Real Estate Statistics (2024)

Metaverse Real Estate Statistics

The Latest Digital Real Estate Transactions and Trends

Metaverse real estate is a block of 3D space that virtual world participants can own. Have you ever wondered how big the metaverse real estate market is?

It’s hard to find information about it. Data is spread across the internet in disparate places. That’s why, as part of RubyHome's real estate stats series, we researched the digital real estate market, gathered data, and put them here – all in one place.

Virtual Real Estate Overview

If you are new to metaverse real estate, here's a quick primer for you. Otherwise, skip to the market data below.

Each parcel is a non-fungible token (NFT), a unique string of code stored in your crypto wallet and tracked on blockchain technology. This digital ledger is a chain of title that demonstrates proof of ownership.

The amount of land on each virtual world platform is theoretically finite, and each land token has coordinates, just like real-world parcels. Combining two or more adjacent parcels results in an estate.

Property owners can develop their land into VR worlds, overlay user experiences, build interactions, superimpose objects, etc.

Virtual real estate can be bought (wholly or as fractional ownership), sold, or rented.

Land is bought in each metaverse's primary marketplaces or secondary marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible.

Buyers can purchase land with a metaverse mortgage or pay with cryptocurrency via an ether-based wallet compatible with the metaverse. Some virtual worlds only transact in tokens specific to their platform. If using cryptocurrency, you must pay in the accepted cryptocurrency.

You'll find the latest data on metaverse real estate on this page.

Key Metaverse Real Estate Stats

  • $1.9 billion worth of land has been sold across the top ten virtual world platforms.

Total Virtual Real Estate Sales

  • The most expensive Metaverse land sale was $5 million, which occurred in the relatively unknown virtual world, TCG World.
  • There are 622,436 total parcels of land in the ten largest metaverses.

Metaverse Sales Volume

Metaverse Real Estate Prices (Mid-2022 Update)

  • The average price of land was $16,300 in February 2022 and fell to $3,300 in June 2022, down nearly 80 percent.

Annual Metaverse Sales Volume (Mid-2022 Update)

  • Trading volume topped out with $229 million in November 2021 to $8 million in June 2022, down 97%.
  • Total sales fell from 16,000 in November to 2,000 in June, down 88%.

Cumulative Metaverse Sales Volume

Since their inception, the ten largest virtual world platforms have produced $1.9 billion in real estate sales.

The digital real estate market is expected to increase by $5.37 billion from 2022 to 2026, at a CAGR of 61.74%, though the recent cool-off should temper expectations.

Metaverse Real Estate Sales Volume

Here are the virtual real estate sales volumes for the top ten metaverses.

MetaverseSales Volume
Otherside $815,204,820
Decentraland $444,540,170
The Sandbox $344,317,044
NFT Worlds $90,836,020
Metroverse Genesis $44,579,775
Worldwide Webb $39,693,477
Voxels $33,767,981
Arcade Land $30,416,840
Treeverse $24,672,677
Somnium Space $22,158,169
TOP 10 TOTAL $1,890,186,973

Sources:, Technavio

10 Largest Metaverse Real Estate Deals

The biggest metaverse real estate transaction was a $5 million purchase by Curzio Research for 19 commercial properties in TCG World. The deal was announced on May 22, 2022.

The average price among the top 10 metaverse deals is $2.06 million, enough to buy a below-average real-world home in places like Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, or Malibu. The top ten all-time virtual real estate deals combined is $20.6 million.

7 of the top 10 real estate deals happened in Decentraland.

Top 10 Metaverse Real Estate Deals

Here is a table of the biggest virtual real estate deals.

MetaversePrice (USD)
TCG World $5,000,000
The Sandbox $4,200,000
Decentraland $2,420,000
Axie Infinity $2,330,000
Decentraland $1,320,000
Decentraland $1,190,000
Decentraland $1,090,000
Decentraland $1,080,000
Decentraland $1,030,000
Decentraland $914,000
TOP 10 TOTAL $20,574,000

Sources: TheSun, SwitchHere

How Much Metaverse Land is There?

There are over 622,000 parcels of land among the ten largest virtual worlds.

Axie Infinity’s inventory includes 220 Genesis plots.

Metroverse includes Metroverse Mini Blocks (50K), Metroverse Genesis (10K), and Metroverse Blackout (10k).

Total Metaverse Land Plots

Here's a breakout of allocated metaverse property in the biggest virtual worlds.

The Sandbox 166,464
TCG World 100,000
Decentraland 90,601
Axie Infinity 90,601
Metroverse Mini Blocks 70,000
Otherside 55,000
Treeverse 20,262
NFT Worlds 10,000
Arcade Land 10,000
Worldwide Webb 9,508
TOP 10 TOTAL 622,436

Source: NFT-Stats


This concludes the roll-up of digital real estate stats. VR real estate has been robust in the recent past.

The future of virtual real estate is unknowable and thus risky. Those wishing to participate should conduct their research and proceed at their own risk.

Now I’m eager to hear what you think.

Do you think digital real estate has a bright or dim future?

Will property values increase or decrease from here?

Did we miss any important facts or information?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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