eXp Realty Stats: Revenue, Transactions, & Growth (2024)

eXp Realty Statistics

eXp World Holdings owns and operates a cloud-based real estate brokerage and technology platform that powers several businesses, including eXp Realty.

Founded in 2009, eXp Realty is different from traditional brokerages as its cloud-based concept empowers agents to work remotely rather than having brick-and-mortar offices. It also allows agents to earn equity awards for meeting production goals and contributing to company growth.

From revenue to growth, let's will take a deeper look at eXp's performance:

Key eXp Stats

  • eXp has more than 71,000 agents in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Portugal, and more as they continue to expand internationally.
  • In 2021 eXp agents represented buyers or sellers in over 440,000 real estate transactions.

eXp Annual Homes Sales

  • eXp is one of the fastest-growing companies in real estate, increasing its revenue from $156 million in 2017 to $3.8 billion in 2021, a 24x increase. That also makes it one of the largest real estate companies.

eXp Revenue

Currently, eXp World Holdings generates almost all its revenue from its eXp Realty business unit. The company believes there is strong potential for future revenue and profit opportunities from its other businesses.

As mentioned, eXp's revenue comes mostly from licensed brokerage activity: real estate transactions from which it earns commissions. The company splits earned commissions with its agents and brokers.

In 2021, eXp generated $3.7 billion in revenue, up 2.05x from $1.8 billion in 2020.

eXp Revenue

Here is a table of eXp's revenue growth since 2017:

YearAnnual Revenue
2017 $156 million
2018 $500 million
2019 $980 million
2020 $1.79 billion
2021 $3.77 billion

Source: eXp

eXp Expenses

eXp’s total operating expenses amounted to $3.7 billion in 2021. eXp's expenses primarily consist of commissions and other agent-related costs, sales marketing, and general & administrative expenses.

eXp Operating Expenses

Here is the breakout of total operating expenses since 2017:

YearTotal Operating Expenses
2017 $178 million
2018 $523 million
2019 $989 million
2020 $1.77 billion
2021 $3.74 billion

Source: eXp

eXp Commissions & Agent Related Expenses

Around 92% of eXp's total expenses are commissions and other agent-related costs, amounting to nearly $3.5 billion in 2021. In 2021, commission and agent-related costs saw a year-over-year increase of 2.12x from 2020. Although these expenses more than doubled, they are directly related to the rise in revenue as commissions increase when eXp agents represent more customers who buy and sell homes.

eXp Commissions & Agent Related Expenses

Here is a detailed look at the company's commission and agent-related expenses:

YearCommissions & Agent Expenses
2017 $140 million
2018 $460 million
2019 $896 million
2020 $1.64 billion
2021 $3.48 billion

Source: eXp

eXp Sales & Marketing Expenses

eXp’s sales and marketing expenses amounted to $122 million in 2021, up 2.3x from 2020. This made up approximately 3.5% of total expenses at the company.

eXp Sales & Marketing Expenses

Here is a summary of sales and marketing expenses since 2017:

YearSales & Marketing Expenses
2017 $1.57 million
2018 $2.96 million
2019 $3.80 million
2020 $5.22 million
2021 $12.20 million

Source: eXp

eXp General & Administrative Expenses

eXp’s general and administrative expenses amounted to $250 million in 2021, up 2x from $123 million in 2020. General and administrative expenses made up nearly 6.7% of total expenses at the company.

eXp General & Administrative Expenses

Here is a table showing G&A expenses over time:

YearGeneral & Administrative Expenses
2017 $35.7 million
2018 $57.6 million
2019 $89 million
2020 $123 million
2021 $250 million

Source: eXp

eXp Net Profit

eXp became a profitable company in 2020, earning a net income of $30.9 million. In 2021 the company increased its net income to $81.1 million, a year-over-year increase of 2.6x.

Is eXp profitable?

Here is net income and losses by year:

YearNet Income (Loss)
2017 ($221 million)
2018 ($224 million)
2019 ($96 million)
2020 $310 million
2021 $812 million

Source: eXp

eXp Market Share

eXp agents represented buyers or sellers in 2.9% of U.S. residential transactions in 2021, up from 2.1% in 2020.

In 2021 eXp was the top mover in the industry in terms of transaction side percentage. The company went from 238,981 U.S. transaction sides in 2020 to 355,627 in 2021, an increase of 49%.

eXp Market Share

Here is eXp's increased market share, by year, since 2017:

YearMarket Share
2017 0.2%
2018 0.7%
2019 1.2%
2020 2.1%
2021 2.9%

Sources: eXp, NAR

eXp Realty Ranking

In 2021 eXp was the third-largest brokerage by closed transaction sides in the United States. At 355,627 sides, they finished behind Home Services of America with 388,098 sides and Realogy with 376,892.

eXp Realty Ranking

Here is a table of eXp's ranking among real estate companies, by transactions, in the United States:

CompanyTransaction Sides (U.S.)
Home Svcs. of Amer. 388,098
Anywhere 376,892
eXp 355,627
Compass 224,067
Hanna Holdings 124,016
Redfin 76,680

Source: RealTrends

How Many Transactions Does eXp Do?

eXp agents serve customers by helping them buy and sell homes. Therefore, transactions are a great metric to determine the company performs.

Over the past 5 years, eXp has experienced rapid growth, increasing worldwide transactions from 25,299 in 2017 to 444,367 in 2021, a 17.6x increase.

How Many Transactions Does eXp Do?

Here is a table of transactions by year:

YeareXp Worldwide Transactions
2017 25,299
2018 74,678
2019 135,322
2020 238,981
2021 444,367

Source: eXp

eXp Realty Fees & Commission Splits

Agents at eXp receive an 80/20 commission split with a cap of $16,000 on annual gross commissions paid to the company. In other words, agents pay $16,000 of their first $80,000 earned in commission, then receive 100 percent of their commissions afterward minus a capped transaction fee.

Compared to other brokerages, eXp's commission split and agent cap is quite generous. Because eXp earns less from agent commissions, it is worth considering that they may not be able to provide the same level of resources for agents like training or support. It may be more difficult for new agents to succeed at eXp compared to a traditional brokerage; however, experienced agents with an extensive book of business may enjoy a higher revenue split than competing brokerages.

When joining eXp Realty, agents pay a $149 Startup Fee and an $85 monthly fee to cover essential items like education materials and lead generation tools. In addition, after reaching the $16,000 commission cap, agents pay a flat $250 transaction fee for the next 20 transactions and then $75 after that. Each transaction is also subject to a $25 broker review fee and a $40 risk management fee.

What is eXp’s Business Model?

eXp is a brokerage that adheres to a traditional agent-centric model, like Compass; in exchange for a favorable commission split, its realtors are responsible for marketing expenses and generating their own deals (through lead generation, sphere of influence, etc.) Unlike Redfin, which keeps leads in-house or Zillow, which sells its leads, eXp does not generate substantial website traffic or pass internal leads to its agents. Also, the company does not franchise like Anywhere (formerly Realogy).

Not only does eXp deploy an aggressive commission strategy to attract new agents to the brokerage, but it also provides incentives through its revenue sharing program for existing agents to recruit new agents. This strategy has fueled the company's rapid growth in the number of agents, as discussed in the section below.

eXp’s Revenue Sharing Program

When an agent at eXp brings another agent to the brokerage, they earn 3.5% of the new agent's gross commission until they hit the commission cap of $16,000 in any given year. The revenue sharing continues as long as both agents work for the company. In addition, when recruited agents go on to recruit new agents, the agents who recruited the first agents also earn small commissions on the agents below them.

Is eXp Realty a Multi-level Marketing Company?

First and foremost, eXp is a real estate brokerage helping consumers buy and sell homes on the open market, so it’s not exactly the same as a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that sells branded products. However, the comparison comes up because eXp’s revenue-sharing program is similar to that of MLM companies.

This recruiting model allows eXp to significantly reduce its marketing expenses to bring in new agents and retain existing ones.

How Many People Work at eXp?

1,669 full-time (non-agent) employees work at eXp, an 85% year-over-year increase from 900 employees in 2020.

How Many People Work at eXp?

Here is a breakout of employee growth:

YeareXp Exmployees
2017 184
2018 354
2019 634
2020 900
2021 1,669

Source: Macrotrends

How Many Agents Work at eXp?

Sales agents make up most of the company's headcount, totaling over 71,000 in 2021, which is a sizeable amount given that there are 1,566,354 Realtors in the U.S. The number of agents that work at eXp is a crucial metric for the growth of the business. From 2017 to 2021, the number of agents has increased by nearly 11x.

eXp Agent Count

Here’s a look at how eXp’s agent count has increased over time:

YeareXp Agent Count
2017 6,511
2018 15,570
2019 25,423
2020 41,313
2021 71,137

Source: eXp


That’s all for my list of eXp stats as of 2022.

It's clear that eXp is an innovative and fast-growing company in the real estate space, and it will be interesting to follow its journey over the coming years.

Will eXp continue its rapid growth? Will the company remain profitable in the coming years?

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