Compass, Inc. Revenue and Transaction Statistics (2023)

Compass Inc Facts and Statistics

Compass is a full-service real estate brokerage incorporated in 2012 under the name Urban Compass. The company later shortened its name and went public in 2021.

Compass’ integrated software platform is a CRM built specifically for real estate providing end-to-end workflows that help its agents attract and retain clients, list and market homes more effectively, and locate desirable properties at attractive prices for buyers.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find on this page as we take a deeper look at Compass’ business activities:

Key Compass Stats

  • In 2022, Compass agents represented buyers or sellers in 211,538 transactions totaling over $230 billion in gross volume.

Compass Inc Closes 212K Deals a Year

  • Compass had a 4.6% share of the total U.S. real estate market by transactions in 2022.
  • Compass generated roughly $6 billion in revenue in 2022 but is not currently profitable.
  • Compass had an average of 13,073 Principal Agents (defined below), an 18% year-over-year increase from 2021.

How Many Transactions Does Compass Do?

Since the company started, Compass agents represented buyers or sellers in over 600,000 transactions.

The company reports transaction in its annual reports by year, represented in this chart.

Compass Inc Transaction Sides

Here is a table showing the number of deals closed by Compass agents since 2019:

YearTotal Transactions
2019 87,158
2020 144,748
2021 225,272
2022 211,538

Source: Compass

The company claims that it is the largest independent real estate brokerage by gross transaction volume, the combined dollar amount of properties closed by its agents.

Gross transaction volume in 2022 was $230 million, a 9% decrease from 2021.

Compass Inc Transaction Volume in Dollars

Here is Compass’ gross transaction volume broken down by year:

YearGross Transaction Volume
2019 $98 million
2020 $152 million
2021 $254 million
2022 $230 million

Source: Compass

How Many People Visit

Compass’ website receives an average of 2.2M organic visitors per month, a year-over-year increase of 58%. The site ranks 13th among the most-visited residential real estate websites.

Here is a table with's average monthly organic visits:

YearMonthly Organic Visits
2017 105,000
2018 152,000
2019 250,000
2020 550,000
2021 952,000
2022 1,504,000


The company’s early growth strategy was one of acquiring traditional brokerages. In traditional brokerages, agents are responsible for marketing and sourcing deals, not the company.

Compass’ traffic improvements are notable as it might be able to capitalize on lead generation for its agents in the same way Redfin does.

Compass Revenue

Compass generates nearly all its revenue from agent commissions earned by helping customers buy and sell homes. The company states it makes a small amount of revenue from ancillary real estate services like title and escrow. It plans to expand its revenue from services and add new ones.

Here is a look at how Compass has increased its revenue over the past four years.

Compass Inc Revenue

Here is a table with the revenue since 2019:

YearTotal Revenue
2019 $2.4 billion
2020 $3.7 billion
2021 $6.4 billion
2022 $6.0 billion

Source: Compass

From 2019 to 2022, Compass increased its revenue by 2.5x. The company experienced the most revenue growth during 2020 and 2021 by adding agents and increasing transactions from both new and existing agents. In 2022, Compass experienced a slight revenue decline which the company stated was due to macroeconomic conditions.

Compass Expenses

Compass’ total expenses amounted to $6.6 billion in 2022, up 2.3x since 2019. The company's expenses include commissions and other related costs, sales and marketing, operations and support, research and development, and general & administrative expenses.

Compass Inc Operating Expenses

Here are Compass' operating expenses broken down since 2019.

YearTotal Operating Expenses
2019 $2.8 billion
2020 $4.0 billion
2021 $6.9 billion
2022 $6.6 billion

Source: Compass

We can see that the company had slightly lower expenses in 2022 than in 2021, correlating to its somewhat lower revenue in 2022 versus 2021. Typically more income leads to higher costs, as the company's most significant expense is paying commissions to agents.

Compass Expenses by Category

Around 74.7% of Compass' total expenses are commissions and other agent-related costs, which amount to $4.94 billion in 2022. Sales and marketing were Compass’ next biggest expense, amounting to 8.7% of the company’s total expenses. Here are Compass’ expenses in 2022 broken down by category.

Compass Inc Expenses by Category

Source: Compass

Is Compass Profitable?

In 2022 the company reported a net loss of $601 million, resulting in a negative net margin of (10%). The company had a negative net margin of (7.7%) in 2021. Compass, Inc. is not yet profitable.

Compass Inc Net Income - Losses

Here is table of Compass' income, by year:

YearNet Income (Loss)
2019 ($388 million)
2020 ($270 million)
2021 ($494 million)
2022 ($602 million)

Source: Compass

Compass Market Share

In 2022 Compass had a 4.6% share of the total U.S. real estate market by number of transactions, up from 4.5% in 2021.

The company had previously reported its market share by transaction volume but has adjusted this year to the number of transactions due to new reporting methods by the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Compass Market Share

Source: Compass

How Many People Work at Compass?

Compass last reported on its number of employees in 2021, when it had 4,775 employees. On June 14, 2022, Compass laid off 10% of its employee (non-agent) workforce.

Compass currently has over 28,000 agents.

Of those agents, approximately 46% use the company's software platform and CRM. This subset of agents is the company's 'Principal Agents.'

The average number of Principal Agents is essential to the company's growth potential, particularly when coupled with Compass' platform strengths.

In 2022 Compass had an average of 13,073 Principal Agents, an increase of 18.2% year over year.

Compass Principle Agent Count

Here is a breakdown of Principal Agents in recent years:

YearAverage Number of Principal Agents
2019 6,787
2020 8,686
2021 11,058
2022 13,073

Source: Compass

Compass reports that its principal agents transact more than an average agent. Principal Agents generate an average of 7.5 transactions per year versus the industry average of 6.4 transactions. Compass’ Principal Agent retention rate exceeded 90% in 2022.


That's it for my 2023 round-up of Compass Real Estate.

This leading brokerage – differentiated by its use of technology and its platform – showed a slight slowdown in 2022 due to macroeconomic trends yet improvements to its website traffic. Compass is not profitable. Despite this, the company still claims to be the largest independent real estate brokerage by gross transaction volume in the U.S.

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