Change of Address Checklist

Change of Address Checklist for Moving

Among the many moving tasks, changing your address is one of the most important. Missing mail, unpaid bills, or service disruptions are the last things anyone wants to happen during a move.In fact, the earlier you can notify people, government agencies, businesses, and service providers the better.

The easiest way to update your mailing address is to follow a checklist (download a printable PDF version) and make all your address changes in one fell swoop. In about 30 minutes, you’ll be done. This will bring tremendous peace of mind, at least for this part of your move.

1. Post Office

Get your snail mail forwarded to your new location for up to 12 months.when you notify the United States Post Office. The fastest, easiest way to do this is to visit them online. You can also drop by a local branch and pick up a Mover’s Guide packet. In the packet, you will find a change of address card (PS Form 3575). Fill out the form and drop it into a letter mail slot (no need to wait in line to hand it to an employee at a counter window). You’ll get a confirmation to the new address in five days.

Be sure to hang on to your confirmation number. If for some reason you need to change or cancel your request, you will need it.

2. Financial

Changing the street address associated with your credit cards is one of the most important places to start, especially for folks moving out of state. Having your new address on file with your credit card issuers will lower the chances of declined purchases in your new state. Credit card security measures sometimes identify transactions attempted from locations far from home. Notifying the issuer where your new home is can help reduce the risk of a declined authorization.

Update your bank (and order new checks), brokerage, and retirement accounts. Contact lenders regarding any student, auto, or boat loans.

3. Online Retailers

Updating your new address with online retailers is not critical, but you might as well revise your shipping address with companies like Amazon, eBay, and Wayfair while your updating it everywhere else. Don’t forget subscription boxes; you can update your address to keep the deliveries coming or pause them while you’re in transition.

4. Memberships & Subscriptions

Log in to your airline accounts to adjust your traveler profile and any frequent flyer programs to which you belong. Don’t forget streaming services (Netflix, HBO), Costco, Sam’s Club, your church or synagogue.

5. Insurance

Let your insurances carriers know about your move. That includes auto, homeowner, renter, and health insurance providers.

6. Subscriptions

Make sure you don’t miss any deliveries for newspapers, magazines, or catalogs.

7. Smartphone Apps

Update your app accounts that store payment information such as Starbucks, Uber, Lyft or Apple Pay.

8. State Government

Update your driver’s license and motor vehicle registration. Find your state’s department of motor vehicles. You can also find state election offices for voter registration.

9. Federal Government

Some of the most common federal agencies that need to be notified when you change your address include:

10. Utilities

Set a final date of service for utilities and let each provider know where they should send the final bill. While you’re at it, schedule and initiate service at your new address. Contact companies for gas, electric, water, power, garbage, and telecom (phone/internet providers like Verizon, DirecTV, AT&T).

11. Service Providers

Notify your dentist, physician, veterinarian, lawyer, landscaper, and house cleaner. If you’re moving out of the area, your current service providers might be able to make recommendations or referrals to providers in your new location; it never hurts to ask.

Change of Address Checklist Infographic

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